Foundational Concepts of Computer Science

This course is tentatively scheduled to be offered May 26-July 18, 2020.

This course is one of two “no-prior experience” courses offered in our course sequence.

Foundational Concepts in Computer Science (3 credits)

This course addresses the “big ideas” of computer science such as the way computers work (instruction cycle to operating systems), the structure and workings of the internet, security and privacy, databases and big data, and computing for “good.”  While appropriate for teachers of the AP CSP program this course is intended for all CS teachers to help them make connections between a wide variety of CS topics.  In addition to specific content the course will include the pedagogy of teaching in a manner that helps students formulate reasonable models for these big ideas. 

2020 Course Details

This course will be completed from early/mid June to early/mid August in 2020. The exact dates will be set by early February 2020. It will be a hybrid course consisting of textbook readings, online discussions and activities, and several, synchronous meetings. Students can either participate online from home or, as appropriate, by joining other classmates at their local AEA.

While attendance at all five meetups is preferred, accommodations can be made for those who will need to miss a limited number of meetings.

For more information about this course or the UNI Partnership please contact Dr. Ben Schafer ( or 319-273-2187).