Fundamentals of Programming

During the Fall of 2020 we will be teaching one of the two “no-prior experience” courses offered in our course sequence.

Fundamentals of Programming (3 credits)

This course is similar to a CS1 or “Introduction to Programming” course taught in most computer science departments.  However, it is taught with an emphasis on pedagogy and outcomes appropriate for the high school classroom.  The course will focus on two programming paradigms – Scratch, a graphical, event-driven programming language, and Python, a syntax/text-based, procedural language.  The course focuses on the fundamentals of programming—data and actions, sequence, selection, repetition, and modularization.  It also emphasizes teaching with and about “good” code (versus “working” code).

Course Details

This course will be completed during the fall semester at UNI which runs August 24-December 18, 2020. It will be a hybrid course consisting of textbook readings, online discussions and activities, and several synchronous, online meetings.

For more information about this course or the UNI Partnership please contact Dr. Ben Schafer ( or 319-273-2187).