Course Offerings and the State of Iowa CS Endorsement

The CS Education curriculum at UNI currently consists of five courses which have been designed to align with the 2011 ISTE Standards for Computer Science Educators and the CSTA Standards for K-12 computer science students.  The goal of these courses is to produce high-quality teachers of computer science.  In addition, these courses have been approved by the Iowa BoEE and completion of all five courses will make existing Iowa license holders eligible for a computer science teaching endorsement in the state of Iowa.

The endorsement consists of the following three-credit graduate workshops/courses :

  • Foundational Concepts of Computer Science (Summer, Year 1)
  • Fundamentals of Programming (Fall, Year 1)
  • Teaching and Learning of Programming (Spring, Year 2)
  • Methods of Teaching Computer Science (Summer, Year 2)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (Fall, Year 2)

All five courses will be a taught using a hybrid of online instruction/activities with periodic online meetups.  As appropriate, such meetups may include optional face-to-face meetings held at participants’ AEAs.

In addition to being appropriate for license renewal, completion of all five courses will make participants eligible for the CS teaching endorsement created by the Iowa BOEE in April 2018.

The current cost for the program is $1589 per course.  However, we continue to pursue additional funding for our program that may allow us to reduce this cost.

The partnership is currently looking for teachers for our next cohort to beginning instruction in the summer of 2022.  [To register interest please use this web form.]

For additional information please contact Dr. Ben Schafer at or 319-273-2187.