Welcome to the CS4HS course "An Introduction to Programming with Scratch in Education" offered through CSEd@UNI. This page will be a summary of emails sent to participants during the completion of the course.



Welcome Email - Sent Monday, February 3rd

I'm happy to announce that official start of the online class "An
Introduction to Programming with Scratch in Education" offered through the
CSEd@UNI program at the University of Northern Iowa.

As of this writing you are one of 65 in-service teachers from 22 countries
around the world who are joining 21 pre-service teachers at the University
of Northern Iowa to participate in this course over the next six weeks.
I'm thrilled that six years after first offering this course there is
STILL strong interest and I hope you are excited by the course. Just a
couple of details as we get started.

The URL for the course is:

You are officially welcome to get started at your convenience. Everything
you need for this course is available right in the web browser (scratch,
youtube, the course website).

The course is six units over six weeks, but there is no  requirement for
you to follow any schedule related to that. You may start late and/or
finish early at your convenience and as your schedule allows. While we
strongly encourage you not to try and rush the course, we have set up this
course to handle flexibility in your schedule. Our only schedule
requirement is that teachers who are taking the course for university
credit must complete the course by the end of the day on Saturday, March

I encourage you to feel free to email me (using this address - if you have questions. I will try to answer most
questions within 24 hours. Similarly, if at any time you find a mistake in
the class website please send me an email and I will fix it. (Don't assume
someone else has let me know).

From experience I know that some questions just aren't easy to ask via
email. Even more are hard to answer via email. Thus, I am always willing
to hold "online office hours." If at any time you feel that you need to
talk to me please drop me an email and we can schedule an online chat
using zoom.

I will try to keep emails to this mailing list to a minimum, but if things
come up I will post them to the announcements section and/or send them to
this mailing list.

If you are interested in taking this course for formal graduate credit you
may still sign up to do so. However, this should be completed in the next
day or two.  Registration information is detailed below.

I'm looking forward to working with you over the next six weeks.

Ben Schafer


In order to formally register for graduate workshop credit please complete
the following steps:

1) Go to

and review the details.

2)  Click on the link "Click here to enroll.."

3) Choose the FIRST option - "Courses, workshops, practicums and

4)  Complete the form.  Most sections should be self-explanatory but here
are a few that may need clarification.

#1. Enter EITHER SS# or UID# NOT Both.

#7. Class Nbr = 35049 (or 35048 if for some reason you want undergraduate
        Title = Scratch
        Units = 1
        Instructor = Schafer

# 8. Graduate Credit
If you did NOT receive your undergraduate degree from UNI you will need to
complete #10 for the College/University where they received it. If we are
unable to verify the degree with our online clearinghouse you will be
contacted to send an official transcript to UNI.

If you have questions about the registration process please contact
Carolina Wilson at