Donate to keep this course running

I'm kind of embarrassed to include this page on this site, but I do so at the urging of a previous participant.

The truth is, I don't earn a dime teaching this course.

While Google helped fund the original creation of this course, neither they nor the University of Northern Iowa pay me to continue to offer this course. I do so because I believe that this course can make a difference. The $100 fee that some of you pay to take this course for graduate credit? I don't see any of that. One of my previous participants heard this and suggested that I make it possible for teachers to make a donation to help out and thank me for continuing to offer this course for free.

You are under no obligation to do so. But if every participant who completed the course would make even a small donation ($10? $25? Whatever you find appropriate.) it would be a nice gesture.

PayPal logo

The easiest way would be to use PayPal.

Simply go to your PayPal account and click on the link to “Send to Friends and Family in the US” (or Internationally if that is appropriate for your situation). You can use my email address ( to send a donation without fees on either of our accounts.

If you don't have PayPal or would like to use a different method please contact me via the email above.

Thank you.