The following is a list of various Scratch resources you may find helpful in your study for this course and in your planning for teaching in your classroom. This is by no means a "complete" list of resources and while we implicitly endorsing items based on their inclusion on this list, the absence of a resource should not be seen as a lack of endorsement.

  • Includes a link to a course at Harvey Mudd and other Scratch resources. I have not registered to take this course, but the creator, Colleen Lewis, has always had good Scratch resources available online so I would expect this to be very good.
  • Contains several basic lessons and activities to introduce students to Scratch. Simple but concise and helpful.
  • It is a computer science program by Google using scratch. Different modules to choose from, self paced for students. Google provides all the materials for free include student passbooks and stickers. Great for after school program or summer school.

Know a good resource not on this list? Email us and we will add it to the page!