Fundamentals of Programming

During the summer of 2018 the CSED program at the University of Northern Iowa will be offering the first course in a five course sequence  designed to provide secondary teachers a high quality background in computer science and earn a computer science teaching endorsement in the state of Iowa [pending final BOEE approval of our curriculum]


Fundamentals of Programming (3 graduate workshop credits)

This course is similar to a CS1 or “Introduction to Programming” course taught in most computer science departments.  However, it is taught with an emphasis on pedagogy and outcomes appropriate for the high school classroom.  The course will focus on two programming paradigms – Scratch, a graphical, event-driven programming language, and Python, a syntax/text-based, procedural language.  The course focuses on the fundamentals of programming—data and actions, sequence, selection, repetition, and modularization.  It also emphasizes teaching with and about “good” code (versus “working” code).

Intended Audience:  Secondary teachers in Iowa who are currently or will soon be teaching a computer science course.

Dates:  Online June 18-August 10 plus on-campus June 18-19, July 12-13, and August 8-9.

Cost:  $265.  Tuition will be reimbursed for the first teacher per high school from each Partner District.  Teachers should indicate interest in the course by completing the following form.  We will notify you when formal registration opens.


For questions or additional information please contact Dr. Ben Schafer at or 319-504-4353.