Teaching and Learning Programming

The CS Education curriculum at UNI currently consists of  five courses which have been designed to align with the ISTE Standards for Computer Science Educators.  They have been approved by the Iowa BoEE and completion of all five courses will make existing Iowa license holders eligible for a computer science teaching endorsement in the state of Iowa.

Teaching and Learning of Programming (CS 3310/5310,  3 credits) 

This course addresses the teaching of introductory programming to all students.  It will be a combination of a CS methods course with additional practice in programming.  It will be based on an ongoing CoP reflecting on the classroom implementation of the material learned in Fundamentals of Programming.  It will consist of assignments and discussions regarding classroom experiences and will address CS pedagogy and topics including assessing learning/Student Outcomes in the classroom, broadening participation, CS Teaching resources, national K-12 CS Standards, and pedagogical considerations (lecture vs. activities vs. blended learning).

[Taught spring of each year for both undergraduates and in-service teachers].


For additional information, contact Dr. Ben Schafer – schafer@cs.uni.edu